Work Experience

Marketing Intern

Minetum Consulting
August 2023 – December 2023


  • Creating engaging content for social media platforms, including posts, reels, and stories, to strategically elevate brand awareness and foster increased audience engagement. 
  • Collaborating on the execution of impactful email marketing campaigns by contributing to the creation, editing, and scheduling of newsletters, ensuring timely and targeted delivery to the intended audience. 
  • Crafting informative and captivating blog posts to enhance the company’s online presence and showcase industry expertise. 
  • Showcasing adept communication skills through effective collaboration with cross-functional team members, ensuring seamless coordination within the marketing team. 
  • Researched industry trends and social media trends to introduce new ideas.

Director of Website

American Marketing Association
August 2023 – Present


  • Led the strategic planning and development of the American Marketing Association’s website and ensuring a user-friendly and engaging online presence. 
  • Oversaw the creation, organization, and management of website content, ensuring accuracy and relevance while employing SEO best practices to optimize online visibility. 
  • Utilized web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track and analyze website performance metrics, providing actionable insights and recommendations for continuous improvement, content optimization, and enhanced user engagement. 
  • Execute weekly updates by publishing event details, blog posts, and event videos, ensuring timely and engaging content delivery to enhance online presence and community engagement. 


Trattoria Pasquales
February 2023 – May 2024


  • Welcome guests in a warm and friendly manner
  • Manage a seating chart of up to 300 guests a night
  • Monitor restaurant activity and determine seating and dining flow
  • Respond to guest questions and requests in a timely, friendly, and efficient matter
  • Answer incoming calls to the restaurant and provide appropriate service
  • Receive payments by validating credit charges; approving checks; accepting currency; calculating and issuing change for ToGo orders

Title Production Assistant

The Servion Group
May 2022 – August 2022


  • Accurately and efficiently typed title commitments
  • Responsible for communicating with lenders and insured that the correct information was entered into the database system
  • Met all required deadlines on property title orders
  • Worked on a team to complete all title orders on time and correctly
  • Researched legal rights surrounding ownership of residential properties
  • Visited county websites to ensure property title information matched property title


Axels Restaurant
May 2021 – August 2021


  • Familiarized the customers with the menu items and recommend daily specials
  • Accurately recorded food and drink orders, served multi-course meals, and tallied bills
  • Memorized details of the daily specials, seasonal menu items, other options

Hostess and Busser

Axels Restaurant
February 2018 – March 2020


  • Coordinated a successful seating system to shorten waiting time for guest
  • Prepared tables for seating quickly and efficiently
  • Provided an excellent experience for customers while in the restaurant

Big Little Coordinator

Delta Phi Epsilon
November 2022 – Present


  • Pair new members with an older sister to act as a mentor to the younger sister
  • Plan the big/little reveal event
  • Ensure older member are reaching out the the new member and creating bonds and friendships

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Delta Phi Epsilon
November 2020 – November 2021


  • Educate my fellow sister of the importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Organized a fundraiser with the MeToo foundation
  • Reminded my fellow sisters of events on campus relating to diversity and inclusion.

Rho Gamma

Panhellenic Association
May 2022 – September 2022


  • Act as a leader and assist potential new members through the formal sorority recruitment process
  • Ensure that all potential new members are in the correct location and visiting each of the sororities rooms
  • Answering any questions potential new members have
  • Act as a listening ear to potential new member and help them through the process
  • Ensure no rules are broken by sororities or potential new members
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