Soft Skills


Throughout my internship at Servion Mortgage Company, I worked with a team of people in the title department. We worked towards the common goal of completing title orders. We collaborated to complete each step of the title order and finish them on time. During my time in a sorority, I have worked in teams. Currently, I am the big/little coordinator on the Membership Development Team.


I moved from a small town in Minnesota to a big city in Florida. I did not know anyone when I came to college, and my entire family is located in Minnesota. I adapted to my new environment quickly. I adjusted to living on my own and being independent. I will also study abroad in Florence, Italy, for six weeks this summer. I will need to adapt to living in a different country and culture.

Time Management

I have excellent time management skills. I have continued to be an outstanding student by making the dean’s list the last three semesters while working a part-time job and being involved with my sorority, where I have held multiple coordinator positions. I consistently keep my planner updated and make lists to help me ensure I complete all my responsibilities on time

Work Ethic

I am a hard worker. I have received excellent recommendations from my previous managers, who say I am a hard worker and have a great work ethic. I am focused and productive while I am at work. I also have a high desire to learn and improve. I want to learn more than just my position. When I worked in a restaurant when I was 16, I started as a hostess, and by the time I was 18, I was serving, bar backing, and bussing.


While working at my internship, I had to communicate with my team to complete all the title orders on time. I also had to communicate with lenders when there were possible mistakes to ensure I had the correct information. I have also been attending networking events at the University of Tampa that have improved my communication skills.


I have developed leadership skills through my work experience and coordinator positions in my sorority. While being a hostess at Axels restaurant, I frequently worked as head host and coordinated the hostess team and planned the seating for the evening to ensure an outstanding customer experience. In my coordinator positions in my sorority, I have taken the leads on projects and planning events.

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