Hard Skills

Hubspot Certifications

Social Media Marketing

This course taught me the uses of social networking platforms to increase brand and product exposure and cultivate relationships with consumers online. I learned about the different social media channels and the different uses for each one.

Content Marketing

This course focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The course taught me about both topical and evergreen content and how to use a buyers persona to create content .

Inbound Marketing

This course taught the importance of inbound Marketing. Which is using Marketing to attract consumers and create engaging content. The course taught how to use the buyers journey and buyers personas to create engaging content that will attract leads.

Email Marketing

This course teaches the use of email marketing and the importance of an email marketing strategy. The course focused on how to create an email campaign and how to measure the campaign metrics as well as segmenting emails to the right audience.

Google Certifications

Google Analytics

This course used videos and simulations to demonstrate how to create a Google Analytics Account and link in to a website page. The course demonstrated how to navigate Google Analytics, the different levels of access, the key pages including the audience tab, acquisition tab, the behavior tab, and the conversion tab and how to track a marketing campaign on Google Analytics.

Google Ads Search

This course taught the importance of SEO and SEM. The course taught best practices for search engine optimization and how to improve the quality of traffic to your website by using technical optimization, on-page optimization, off-page optimization. The course explained the difference between organic and paid search and how people can purchase an ad on google search.






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